About Us

About Eighties Co.

 1985, was the year Eighties Company founders entered the world. Hints the reason 1985 is emphasized throughout our creations.


     Our brand founded in 2018 is based around the many styles from the 80's, 90's, and 00's. I've been through many phases in life. From being a skater, hip hopper, a Rasta to a rocker.   


 Through these years. I've taken bits and pieces of style, fashion, and culture from each era of my life. And have decided to express them through fashion.

       Join us on our journey through the fashion world. As we push the limits, and set new trends. Eighties Co. is not just a brand it's an army. Our motto B.Y.O.C. (be your own competition) ensures that we all stride for excellence in our everyday lives. Rather you were one of the cool kids, or a social outcast growing up. Everyone is welcome here. After all, there's always more strength in numbers.